Wide Drive On 11 Foot Wide Boat Lift Docks

Wheely Dock 3000


Size: 172″ × 132″ × 9.6 in (14′.4″ x 11′ x 9.6″)

Wheely Dock 3000 can be used for boats under 19 feet in length. With the ease of installation and time saved putting your watercraft in and out of the water, this dock is a must have for all watercraft owners. More info can be fount at www.carolinafloats.com

0.00 out of 5 stars

Wheely Dock XL 5000


Size: 252 × 132 × 9.6 in (21′ x 11’x 9’6″)

  • 21′ x 11′ Working platform
  • Boats up to 24 feet long
  • Maximum working load 5000lbs

5.00 out of 5 stars

Boat Dock Attachment Accessories

XL Buoyancy Booster Kit


The XL buoyancy booster are used in pairs to add an additional 150lbs of floating in the back of the XL or XL tail extension. This product is ideal for boats that have a heavy motor in the back. This kit includes 2 Bouyancy Boosters, 2 Support Plugs, 2 UHMW blocks, & 2 Hex Bolts with Washers. Installations instructions can be found by clicking here

Roller Assembly Kit


This patent pending roller assembly kit is used with the Wheely Dock XL with tail extension. Place the roller asembly kit on any of the 3 sets of inserts on the XL float. The roller assembly angles your watercraft and causes less friction with the keel roller. This kit allows easier launching of your boat.